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    Re: Make room Mira Costa and Ambassador...

    In theory I'd say you're right. However I'm not sure where your comparisons come from. I'm sure it's just me again, but I'd pick the look of the Grand Californian over that of the Contemporary any day. Are you saying the decaying concrete box that holds together the Contemporary is somehow more elegant than the GC? I also think the outside of the GC is at least on par with the Wilderness Lodge. I think it has a graceful yet warm architecture with its curvy roofs, warm rockwork and nifty craftsmanship. It's nice and handsome, not too prissy or fussy. Sure the lobby isn't quite up there with the Floridian version, but I don't find the place particularly offensive.

    Now the Disneyland Hotel and the Paradise Pier Hotel, that I can agree with... But I'm sure that will change one day as well. Perhaps during their next 2001, I don't know.

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    Re: Make room Mira Costa and Ambassador...

    Quote Originally Posted by MickeyMania
    I like the score to BraviSEAmo but aside from the giant flaming monster the show doesn't really have much to it. Here is water. Here is fire. They are happy and coexisting. Supply the psychology and backstory yourself.

    I think there's something to be said for a water effects show without any kind of serious plot but this one is bizarre. They could have skipped all semblence of story and made a special effects show there that people would probably like more, or they could have surrounded the beast animatronic built under the lagoon with a Fantasmic-ish character show.

    It's a pretty show, looks like something I'd see on the Strip actually. I just think expectations are so high in Disney nightime entertainment and BraviSEAmo is basically a "Hey look at this" experience with some pretty music.
    I understand where both of your thoughts are coming from. I just feel it fits the park like a glove and it's one of m favorite shows, IMO. I really do undertand where you get these ideas. It is a popular show, but obviously not the overwhelming response that they wanted, I know. The reactions I saw from first timers during it's first month were huge. Once again I have seen tears coming down people's faces. I would love for them to completely revamp the show instead of replacing it. Use the same effects and score, but change the story and maybe add more. This is all my opinion and I agree to disagree, no hard feelings or anything. I don't want people to start thinking it's a bad show here's a couple links: that's the score, I get the chills listening to it. and here's a short clip, once again chills.
    I know people that made the replies have seen these but if there's anyone unexposed to the show, check these out.

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