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    Universal Japan's new show

    I know this doesn't belong in this section, but the people who love Tokyo might like this info.

    Universal Japan is getting a 30 minute version of the hit musical Wicked. I am not sure if it will be replacing the current Monsters show or will be in a totally new venue. I guess they could build a venue in their New York section and theme it as Broadway. . .I actually thought (when I heard this) that they would get a full version and maybe construct a theatre in their CityWalk. I would think a full version there would bolster attendance at the park and traffic through CityWalk.

    Nonetheless, it's happening. They've been auditioning this week in New York. Apparently, the show will consist of "One Short Day (in the Emerald City)" as the opening, the two witches singing part of "For Good", into "Defying Gravity", the rest of "For Good" and then "No One Mourns the Wicked/Finale". Maybe this is just to get the name out over there, as I think the show would do very well there.

    The show is opening in London soon, with Australia to follow shortly thereafter. Maybe Japan will get a full-length version then.

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    Re: Universal Japan's new show

    wow, That's actually pretty cool, but I think it would be kinda hard to follow the "story" if you havn't read the book or seen/heard the Musical already.
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