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Thread: Star Tours

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    Star Tours

    Since i havn't been to TDL since like 2003 (im aussie), when i went there the line didn't even exist (even during the DAY) and the Startours shop had dissapeared, so i was wondering if it's still like that. Hope they dont close it


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    Re: Star Tours

    I doubt they will close it, and if you hit no lines in TDL you lucked out.

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    Re: Star Tours

    I agree that you lucked out! I haven't stepped foot in TDR since 2002 when I moved from Hawaii to Ohio but man, even back then it was the busiest Disney park I've ever stepped foot into! We stayed a few extra days just to hit things we weren't able to do and re-ride things we just HAD to re-ride. Especially in Tomorrowland, it was ALWAYS packed for some reason! Jealous, just jealous that you got to ride Star Tours with barely a wait!

    Though, if they ever closed ANY of the Star Tours I would be sad, it's my #2 fave ride at any Disney park!
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    Re: Star Tours

    Star Tours' popularity seems to have diminished in the past couple of years... as the lines are non-existant on most days.. at least not out the door. You may still see a bit of a backup in the droids room before reaching the boarding platform. No announcement has been made declaring Star Tours demise and last time I was at the park in mid was under refurbishing.

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