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PART 2: "Tokyo Disney Resort: Super Story" dvd review"

While the first DVD "Enjoy! TDR" is a more frenetic look at everything there is to be enjoyed at TDR, the "Super Story" dvd takes a more sedated approach...

...there is one HUGE obstacle for us westerners to overcome: the female narrator.

The lady in charge of narrating this dvd...well, she is very shakesperian in style.. and she talks *constantly*. However, at times...her voice's tone in whispery and for most of it... monotonous. I am sure for a japanese speaker, this would be great as a lot of little known info is being presented, but for those of us who do not speak japanese, we have to rely on the visuals and the visuals alone may or may not be enough to maintain your interest, depending on your interest in the subject.
I have found that the people in my family that I have show the videos to were split rather visably on which disk they liked better. This split was that the older members of my family liked the "Super Story" disk with it's calm, reflective and rather complete view of the parks Where as the younger members liked the other more festive, active, overview disk better. As for the complete Disney nuts (like us that frequent this site) both disks are throughly enjoyable