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    Re: Anybody stayed in a Partner Hotel?

    I was way off the mark time-wise, wasn't I? Now that I know your arrival and hotel, that route you chose is the best one.

    And just to clarify the hotel affiliations for everyone else:

    DISNEY HOTELS: Ambassador and MiraCosta

    OFFICIAL RESORT HOTELS: Those located in Maihama near the parks.

    PARTNER HOTELS: Those located in Shin-Urayasu area.

    GOOD NEIGHBOR HOTELS: Those located in Tokyo and other parts of Chiba.

    Be careful to make sure which shuttle bus to take to and from the Parks. It might just be better to take the train from the Oriental, the station is in front of the hotel.

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    Re: Anybody stayed in a Partner Hotel?

    I know that the limousine bus stops at some of the Partner Hotels in the area, so when you get to the limousine bus counter, ask them if one of the Tokyo Disney Resort buses will go to your hotel.

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    Re: Anybody stayed in a Partner Hotel?

    Thanks again for your help everybody!
    Next trip September 2013

    Past trips:
    May 2010 TDL and DisneySea
    September 2006 TDL and DisneySea

    Dec 2005 DL
    June 2003 DL
    Dec 2002 WDW
    April 2002 DLP
    Dec 2001 DL
    Nov 2000 WDW
    Oct 2000 DL
    Oct 1997 WDW
    April 1994 DL

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    Re: Anybody stayed in a Partner Hotel?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mellywil
    To clarify, I am staying at the Shin-Urayasu Oriental hotel which is a PARTNER hotel, not to be confused with one of the 'OFFICIAL' hotels (Hilton, Sheraton Grande etc).

    Thank you for the advice, the taxi sounds perfect for what we need. Our flight arrives at 6:30am and the first shuttle to the partner hotels doesn't operate until 9:30 or so - I can't remember the exact time, but it's around then. We will probably catch the limousine bus service to TDL and then a taxi from there to our hotel.

    Thanks again for your help
    That is what I would do.. take the 8:10am bus from Narita Airport to TDL. You will be dropped off at the bus terminal in front of TDL. Check the electronic board to see if they have a free shuttle running to the Oriental. If not, then take a Taxi. The fare will be about 1,000 yen.
    Since I am into saving money... I would take the JR train from TDL's Maihama station to the next station, Shin-Urayasu, and just walk the 3 minute walk to the Oriental from there. It cost only 130 yen per person.

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