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    Favorite Ride songs at TDR.

    What are your favorite ride songs at Tokyo Disney Resort?

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    Re: Favorite Ride songs at TDR.

    TDL: It's a Small World (complete version)
    TDS: Indiana Jones Adventure

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    Re: Favorite Ride songs at TDR.

    At TDL.... The Tiki's version of "Fever".
    At TDS.... a tie... I love "StormRider" score, and JTTCOTE's haunting music themes as you enter the crystal caves in the beginning of the ride. Gives me goosebumps everytime.

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    Re: Favorite Ride songs at TDR.

    I must admit that I really, and I mean REALLY like JttCotE's score. However....I have always been a big fan of John Williams, so my favorite is Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull. The first chamber of Indy has a really interesting musical score....very suspensful. It adds a lot to the immersion level. Although....the soundtrack at DisneySea's Indy is very odd. It always varied a bit each time I rode it....some times it played audio where there wasn't audio before, and sometimes there were more parts of the soundtrack instead of a cut off version.
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