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    Halloween Happenings

    What's happening at TDL for Halloween this year? I can't seem to find any info online. I understand it's NOT a hard ticket? Can anybody give me more info on this event please? We're there for three days during the time it's running
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    Re: Halloween Happenings

    No hard ticket needed. This is a spcial event included with regular admission, like most other events are at TDL/TDS. "Disney's Halloween" lasts from Sept 12th thru Oct 31st. The park is decorated for Halloween and every year, the theme for Halloween changes. There will be the special Halloween Parade (again, the parade is different every year) and will play twice daily. There will be special Halloween merchandise to buy, special menus and food treats will be offered thru the park. There will be treat or trick-ing for everyone... Many guests dress up in their favorite Disney characters... etc etc. Haunted Mansion's Nightmare overlay will be open for business (get a FP).

    This is a fun time to visit TDL, but plan accordingly... it is also a busy time at the park. Last year's Halloween theme was "Pumpkin Kingdom", and I am eagerly awaiting to hear what's in store for this year!!!

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    Re: Halloween Happenings

    Speaking of hard ticket events, this year's Countdown parade will be a paid event. Usually the parade is performed in the evenings during regular park hours as a rehearsal for the main show on December 31st. This time it will cost 4,000 yen to attend.

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