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    Buying Tickets Online

    Well never knew this before but the Tokyo Disney Resort are now selling park tickets online for international guest through the main website.

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    Re: Buying Tickets Online

    Interesting: but you still have to actually pick up the tickets once you get there. The question is, will this save time in the morning waiting in line to get them at the Welcome Center rather than at the ticket office inside the gate. TDLFAN and Joe should know the answer to this one.

    I've always bought my tickets at my hotel, so it's never been an issue for me.

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    Re: Buying Tickets Online

    Quote Originally Posted by The Goddess Mara View Post

    I've always bought my tickets at my hotel, so it's never been an issue for me.
    Personally, I think buying the tickets at the hotel is much easier and quicker. It takes less than one minute to complete the process and then you're on your way, as opposed to waiting in a 30 minute line.
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    Re: Buying Tickets Online

    Same, I vote for hotel or at ticket window in front of the entrance gates. The Welcome Center is quite crowded if you expect to pick up the tickets in the morning.

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