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    TDL salutes DL's 50th.

    A DL 50th anniversary sign has appeared at TDL's "Partners" statue as an official salute to DL's big year! Check the 2 photos courtesy of WWW.JTCENT.COM

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    Do you have any idea/websites/photos of how Disneyland Paris is acknowledging the celebration. You would have thought Paris would note it more than Tokyo, with Tokyo not being Walt Disney property and all.

    October 2000 - Walt Disney World Resort
    October 2001 - Walt Disney World Resort
    April 2002 - Disneyland Resort Paris
    October 2003 - Walt Disney World Resort
    October 2004 - Walt Disney World Resort
    October 2005 - Walt Disney World Resort
    October 2007 - Walt Disney World Resort
    December 2008 - Walt Disney World Resort
    July 2009 - Disneyland Resort Paris
    July 2011 - Disneyland Resort California
    July 2012-13 - UK Cultural Representative Cast Member at Epcot
    February 2013 - Disneyland Resort California
    February 2013 -Tokyo Disney Resort

    (VERY OLD!)

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    It is great to see that the japanese didn't forget to give tribute to our park in their own little way. Very touching.

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