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    Question Any Food Suggestions?

    I will be visiting TDR from August the 18th to the 20th and will be staying at the Ambassador.

    I'm a huge DLRP fan and over the years I discovered the fun of trying different places and enjoy theming as much as food. So each time I'm going to DLRP, thouroughly planning lunch and dinner options has become part of the magic itself. (BTW, if you need any suggestion about food in DLRP, feel free to ask)

    TDR speaking, this is my tentative schedule:

    L-Banquet Hall
    D-Polinesian Terrace

    L - Casbah Food Court
    D - Horizon Bay
    LG - Hyperion Lunge

    L - Vulcania
    D - Magellan's
    LG - Bellavista Lounge

    Does any of you have any suggestions about food (not-to-be-missed items and places, tiny wagons delivering unexpectedly tasty food and so...)? This is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime kind of vacation so prices, at least at this poin, are not an issue.

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    About the Polynesian Terrace... you *must* make reservations for that dinner show asap in the morning. At TDS, the only place I would not care to include is the Horizon Bay. I just didnt' care much for the menu there, but you may enjoy it. I would instead try the Ristorante de Canaletto for dinner (reservations required) or the Portofino Buffet, or Zambini Bros restaurant (counter service)

    As for carts... there are so many wonderful carts selling little items...from pudding and mousse in souvenir cups, to capuccino popcorn. Try them all!! If you must skip one item, it would be the Gyoza Bun...veyr popular but bland and overrated. The Yucatan Sausage out front by the Indy ride is a tasty bite as well!!! Wash it down with a melon soda.... Heaven!

    Happy eating at TDR!!!

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    Thanks TDLFAN!

    The more I think of it, the more I realise I'll need more days to fully enjoy TDL and TDS!

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