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    Big Band Beat - Christmas Special

    So today is the official start of the Christmas version of the Big Band Beat over at the Boardway Theatre in Tokyo Disney Seas,and I was just wondering if anyone got a chance to see the new show.Really wish I was able to see the show but maybe next year hey.Obviously getting someone to video tape the show it not allowed,unless someone wants to sneak a camera under there hat in So anyway just wondered if anyone was up for giving us all on here a review,by way posted press releases below for new show!

    "Big Band Beat - Christmas Special"
    Broadway Music Theatre
    Five times daily
    Duration: approx. 30 minutes

    (This venue is presented by Japan Airlines International Co., Ltd.)
    This live performance focuses on Swing Jazz, a style of jazz that attained worldwide popularity during the height of the Big Band Era in the 1920s, '30s and '40s, and features the powerful vocals and high-energy tap-dancing that Swing was noted for.

    For the holiday season, a special version of the show will have a new Christmas scene with Goofy and Donald Duck making "guest" appearances. Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse sing and dance to sweet love songs just perfect for Christmas. The Christmas medley comes to an exciting end with dancers dressed as Santa's Helpers and the entire cast singing and dancing to the holiday music.

    For the show's finale, Mickey Mouse performing on the drums creates a truly unforgettable performance.

    Note: Performances will start on November 3.

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    Re: Big Band Beat - Christmas Special

    Sounds good!

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