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    Questions and Tips?!

    I have finally managed to book my trip to Tokyo and Hong Kong Disneylands.

    I have visited DIsneyland once before and Paris and WDW many times.

    i am staying at the Miracosta and the Hongkong Disneyland hotels in April (4 nights tokyo and 3 nights hong kong)

    I have a few questions.

    1) what is the easiest way to get from the airport to the resort and back?
    2) what is a typical meal price (counter service) so i know how much money to bring.
    3) Does the resort sell pins? i try to get a pin of each park i visit and hotel i stay in.
    4) what are the "must see" attractions/shows that i might miss if i wasn't paying attention.
    5) any tips on making this trip extra magical?

    i know there are a lot of questions but as i'm travelling alone from the UK and don't speak the language i'm slightly nervous

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Questions and Tips?!

    Hey it398 first congratulations on booking the trip.Can't coment a lot on Hong Kong as its the one park I've yet to visit,however I just got back from Tokyo myself and like you Im from the UK.

    First of fantastic choices for hotels to stay at,as both are the Resorts flagship hotels.

    The easiest way to get from the Airport to the Hotel Miracosta is to buy a ticket for the Airport Limosine service.It will cost between 15 - 20 but will drop you right of at the hotel.Despite the name its not actually a limosine service but a coach service and I used it and it was very good.Destination time will vary but should take about 60 mins.Other option is to use the train but the other option is a smarter choice,and Im sure everyone else will agree.

    Food prices are similar to what you find at the other Disney parks,only the selection and quality is far greater.Even through you may find portions small compare to US & UK standards.

    The Resort as far as I can remember does sell pins,however does not offer pin trading.

    Its easy to miss so much and my only advice to you is to make sure you catch every show & parade available as these are a lot better then anything currently on offer in the States.Also make sure you check out all the signature attractions,at Tokyo Disneyland and some of the more unique offerings like the Mickey Mouse Revue and the Tiki Room.Oh and everything Tokyo Disney Seas has to offer.

    Don't worry about not speaking the languege,most Japanese understand English and there is always someone on hand who can speak it too.

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    Re: Questions and Tips?!

    In regards to the pins - if you are used to the massive amount available at Disneyland and Disneyworld you're in for a bit of a shock. Tokyo barely sells any pins at all really. No pin stands or pin stores. There are a few scattered around the shops here and there. When we were there it was Halloween so they had a 6 special pins for that. The only other pins I saw the whole time were for Cars as the DVD was about to come out.

    So yeah kinda disappointing but I guess if you just want one to remember your holiday you should be able to find one.

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    Re: Questions and Tips?!

    Unless there's a special event or a holiday celebration, you'll see few pins in Tokyo, but from what I see on eBay, there should be a lot in Hong Kong.

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    Re: Questions and Tips?!

    Yes, pin trading is alive and well at HKDL. There are lots of pins for sale, but many are similar to the open editions found at DL and WDW. Over at TDR, you can still find pins (I bought 6 new ones today when I was there!)

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