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    Osaka Universal Question

    I was wondering where does everyone stay when they visit Universal Japan? I have some Hilton HHonors points so I am thinking of staying at the Hilton, but I don't think it is near Universal or anything else that tourists would be interested in Osaka. Maybe I am wrong? Where do the experts stay?



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    Re: Osaka Universal Question

    Well before someone takes this post and moves it to the Non Disney section can I just recomend the following address which will give you a list of hotels that Universal aprove

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    Re: Osaka Universal Question

    The Hilton is located very near the Osaka JR station. From that station to Universal Japan is only about 14 mins by train and costs 170 yen each way. A quick train transfer may have to be done at Nishikujo Station, depending what train you have taken out of Osaka station. However, there is a train that goes directly to Universal from Osaka Station and operates about 3-4 times every hour. Or else, get on the "Osaka Loop" train and quickly tranfer to USJ at Nishikujo Statrion. It's extremely convenient and easy to do. I would say "GO FOR IT!!!"

    In the meantime, enjoy my Universal trip report and photos in the Non-Disney Parks section of Micechat!

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