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    Dec 21st Pictures of TDL

    Hi there!
    I went to TDL on Dec 21st and had a fabulous time! Here are some pictures!

    Mickey and Minnie drove around the park a few times during the day to say hi to everyone!

    Christmas decorations

    The Special Lunch Buffet at the Crystal Palace Restaurant

    The Christmas parade

    Haunted Mansion and Small World

    Decorations at the monorail stop

    TDL at night (Mickey and the gang came out on the castle balcony
    at random times during the day to sing Christmas carols, fireworks at night)

    Castle and Dreamlights (Christmas version)

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    Re: Dec 21st Pictures of TDL

    You went there on my birthday and didn't even take me?!

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    Re: Dec 21st Pictures of TDL

    Beautiful TDL ... as always!

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    Re: Dec 21st Pictures of TDL

    Glad you had a great time! A Disney Xmas hardly gets better than this.

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    Re: Dec 21st Pictures of TDL

    great pictures... I still get annoyed when I see Haunted Mansions get the Nightmare Before Christmas storyline and WDW gets left out in the cold.

    I was at TDS last year, and its such a nice park. When I go back to Japan, I must check out TDL.

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    Re: Dec 21st Pictures of TDL

    nice pictures thanks for sharing!

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