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    It’s fair to say that I am now getting excited. My dream holiday is only about 2 months away. I have been planning this trip for a long time and it is now almost upon me. However I am now starting to think about the little things and could really use some help for the experts (you guys).
    Below is a brief summary of my plans, I would be greatful if you could
    1) Tell me if there is anything wrong with it / you think I should change
    2) Give me advice on where to eat, my friends have a saying about me – I know what I like and I like what I know. I think that sums up my food preference perfectly, I don’t mind trying some things which are new but I do like “western food”
    3) Any things which I should make certain I do – not to be missed attractions or shows etc.

    1PM leave UK
    9AM local time arrive at Narita airport
    get airport limousine (bus) ticket to Miracosta
    Check-in and leave bags at left luggae
    Go to Disneyland park do a few rides and watch the fireworks / parades

    Day 2 DisneySea

    Day 3 Park Hop
    Day 4 Park Hop

    Day 5 bus back to Narita airport
    11:00 fly to Hongkong
    3:30 arrive at Hongkong International airport
    Get taxi to resort
    Check-in at Hongkong Disneyland hotel
    Check out hotel / inspiration lake
    Meet with parents.

    Day 6 all day tour round hongkong

    Day 7

    Day 8
    Return to airport
    23:45 leave hongkong flying home

    Day 9
    Arrive home

    I am doing Tokyo Disneyland on my own and I am meeting up with my parents at Hongkong, so everything I do in Tokyo will be for just 1 adult, every thing in Hongkong is for 3 adults.

    I would very much appreciate any imput on whether my plans are good and how I could make this trip any better.

    Many Thanks

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    Re: Advice

    Your itinerary looks fine to me. I don't see what else can be said to help. You are at the Miracosta so get up early and do the parks from morning time, taking a break in the afternoon if needs be.. Get FP if necesary for some popular rides like Hunny Hunt, and Astroblasters.. Do everything and be daring with food choices.. there is so much variety at TDR in that dept.

    As for HKDL... you won't need more than a day at that park, but get there early at opening so you can take your time exploring around. Take a break from the park and take a stroll thru the hotels.. Stay until the fireworks... and do get a good spot at the hub that affords a view of the castle as well as projections of film do appear on it during the fireworks. The food at HKDL can be more challenging since most of the fare is authentic chinese cuisine.. Good luck. And enjoy.

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    Re: Advice

    thanks for the advice, like i said i have been planning this trip for a while so i thought it should be ok but i thought you guys were the people to check with.

    as far as hong kong goes i know 1 day will likely be enough, but i found out that if you stay at a disney hotel and purchase an entrance ticket you get a second day free. couldn't turn down a free ticket to a disney themepark.

    thanks TDLFAN for all your help in planning this trip, i couldn't have done it without you and a few others.

    Only 60 days to go, i can't wait!

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    Re: Advice

    I have one suggestion ... TAKE ME WITH YOU !!!!! It sounds like a great plan.

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    Re: Advice

    Sounds like a good plan but just one hint because of the time difference between the UK and Japan you will be loosing a ton of sleep on the way over and my advice is to try and get as much sleep as possible on the plane over and drink plenty of caffine if possible.Like you I arrived at 9.00 in the morning and spent most of the day at TDS and around 7.00pm I was incredibly tired and was drifting off during a performance of The Big Band Beat which is just a fantastic show.Take it your flying direct with Virgin?

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