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    Short review of the Mira Costa

    Okay, Iíve finally gotten sort of caught up on sleep, laundry, and work and have a bit of time to write some commentary about our recent 3-night stay at the Mira Costa. Iíve previously also posted some blow-by-blow trip reports written while I was actually at TDR on RADP, if you guys are interested.

    Our stay was during very chilly, wet, dreary weather, which impacted our experience. We were also pretty tired from trekking through Japan for five days--we never did make it to the hotel pool, we were just too tired.

    The Mira Costa really is an awesome hotel. Really, if you go to TDR, you owe yourself a nightís stay there. I loved being able to go downstairs to enter the park, I loved the view from our window, I loved looking at the marble inlays on the floors and the ladies with the hidden Mickeys in the domed ceiling, I loved the way Mickey announced the floors in the elevators (Yon kai!). I especially loved the giant bathtub.

    However, after staying at the Mira Costa, I think that, although you should definitely do a short stay there, I would choose one of the affiliated hotels such as the Hilton for longer stays. The Mira Costa has no Internet access and there is a mini-bar rather than a refrigerator. There is no place to get a quick bite to eat without leaving the hotel--only a small shop selling snacks on the candy-and-cracker level and restaurants providing extremely expensive and elaborate meals. This can be an issue when youíre cold and tired and itís raining and you donít really want to run out into DisneySea to grab a sandwich. Also--and this didnít really hit me until we were about ready to leave--the Mira Costa has next to no really public spaces besides the lobby. At WDW, hotels have nooks and crannies and benches and gardens to just hang out in to enjoy the hotel. The Mira Costa has a large, busy lobby, hallways, and facilities such as restaurants and shops. If you want to just hang out, you do it in your room.

    All in all, I view the Mira Costa as kind of an odd mixture of convenience and inconvenience wrapped up in a very luxurious package. The CMs treated us awesomely well and always went out of their way to find English speaking staff, even though I speak fairly decent Japanese (although maybe not as decent as I think?). The hotel is jaw-droppingly gorgeous, the view is stunning, and transport to the park is 30 seconds by elevator. But yet, we always found ourselves traveling somewhere else to eat and when I went looking for a place to read while Bernie was napping, the only place was in a very busy lobby.

    When we checked in, the bellman inadvertently left behind his list of the dayís check-ins. Nearly everyone checking in that day was staying for one night only. And that is exactly what the Mira Costa is set up for--a very short stay of astounding luxury and extravagant meals. Iím certainly glad we stayed there, but next time, when I hope to do a longer Disney-only trip, I plan to stay at a hotel thatís a bit more budget priced and is more oriented toward someone staying awhile.

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    Re: Short review of the Mira Costa

    Interesting review!

    Your situation parallels my own recent visit in many ways. We stayed for 3 cold, wet and stormy days at the end of a tiring trip and were very very impressed. However we also will stay elsewhere next time.

    A few comments. There were internet terminals by the phones off the main lobby. Though you may have meant in room access.

    We raided the nearby Ikspiari mall via the monorail every night and came back with cheap dinner and breakfast. Next time we might stay at the Ambassador to be closer to it.

    Didn't really feel the lack of public spaces. Our room was just so comfy. However I understand your point. Mira Costa is very much a hotel rather than a resort hotel (if that distinction makes sense to anyone). Which was what I was expecting I guess so I wasn't disappointed.

    The thing that really made it worthwhile to us was the early entrance into the park. We were 3rd and 4th in the park one day.

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