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    Exclamation NEW! Summer TDR-webpage in ENGLISH! Try it!

    Well, seems like TDR has finally acknowledge that we westeners LOVE TDR as much as anyone in Japan, and have finally designed a summer webpage that resembles a bitof what the japanese fans usually get in the japanese version, such as cool graphics and access to video links and such. It's not too intensive but it's a step in the right direction for those who are seeking more specific information about special events and such at TDR.

    First up..they teach you how to use the site. NOTE this is a very japanese thing since they are an informative society where everything is explained to a tee, sometimes over explained just to make sure you got it!!!

    Also there is a "Summer Highlights" link that will take you to both TDS or TDL (or switch back and forth between them two) where you can check out what's happening at TDR this summer season. Here you will bet to see some promotional photos and graphics of summer shows such as TDL's Blazing Rhythms, or TDS' Aladdin's Whole New World (with english info access to japanese promo clips, which was an option previously avail only in the japanese site)

    Go check it OUT!!!

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    wow.. nice...

    I would have never figured stuff like this would be amazing but wow..

    if only DL got these ideas.. (and WDw adopt some of this...)

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    Thanks TDLFAN for the great links and advice you always have for us all. Can't wait to be there!

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