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Is reclaimed land, land that was once water?
It happens quite a bit. Tokyo Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland, Osaka Airport (it's Osaka, right?), San Fransisco's Marina District, pretty much the entire area known as Mexico City are all on reclaimed land that was reclaimed from ocean/bay (or Mexico City's case, an ancient lake).

Like I said, when an earthquake hits (and all these places are in earthquake prone areas), it makes that soil vibrate. The soil appears like liquid (liquifaction). Places where the water table is high can go through the same thing. Oddly enough, all these places listed above cost a lot of money and are built on reclaimed land in earthquake prone areas.

You could probably feel safe in Tokyo Disneyland. Japan has very strict earthquake building codes and the Japanese are probably prepared a lot better than California. They even have an annual day that marks the last great earthquake to hit Tokyo and the day is about safety and preparation. Now, if you live New York, you should be a little worried since there are a lot of unreinforced masonry buildings.