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    BraviSEAmo Translation

    Does anybody have a translation of what mickey and the narrator are saying at the beginning of BraviSEAmo? I'm really curious to see what they are saying.

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    Re: BraviSEAmo Translation

    Most of what I was able to understand is "Whoa!" when the float slows down and a few "Good evening!" greetings. On his final stop, Mickey says "Welcome, everyone! Welcome to this wonderful, magical world!"

    After that, your guess is as good as mine.
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    Re: BraviSEAmo Translation

    Here's a rough translation (I'm listening to the CD):

    Mickey: Hey Everyone, How are you doing?
    Whoa... haha...
    Isn't this amazing?
    hahaha... Whoa...
    Good Evening!
    Everyone, are you having fun?
    There! <unsure what he's saying>
    Wow! haha.
    wow, thanks for coming everyone
    Wow, haha.
    Awesome, awesome!
    Welcome Everyone, Welcome to this Magical World!

    Isn't it mysterious?
    Would you like to hear the story (behind the mystery)?
    As to why this place is so magical.
    Yes, there is a tale to it.
    It happened a long, long time ago
    It's a story that only the Sea and Wind know
    So, listen....

    And then the Narrator:
    It happened in the distant past.
    The fire spirit and water spirit resided in completely different places.
    They never even had a chance to see each other's face.
    However, one day...

    <and that concludes the intro dialogue>
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    Re: BraviSEAmo Translation

    <Post combined with above>

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    Re: BraviSEAmo Translation

    Wow. Very cool. Thanks for translating for the gaijin.

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