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    ? these rides for kids and pregnant?


    How are these rides for kids (6 & 8) and for pregnant mom? DH will be there too, so they can ride with him if good for kids but not mom. Also, I get really motion sick on spinning things, so warnings about that would be good too.

    Storm Rider
    Raging Spirits
    Star Tours

    Also, How are Pooh and Snow White in Tokyo? At WDW, they seemed to have tried to make them as scary as possible to the same young kids they are targeting. I don't want to stand in the terrible Pooh line I keep hearing about and then regret it.

    I know we'll skip TOT and HM. (I took my kids on HM when they were too young and we got stuck on it next to the screaming head and they've never forgiven me. )

    Any others to plan to skip?

    Plus, can I (as pregnant mom) go through the lines with them and just not do the ride - like the Baby Swap at WDW?

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    Re: ? these rides for kids and pregnant?

    You won't be able to ride any of the above rides if you are pregnant. Some of them are coasters and/or have elements similar to a coaster. As for kids ages 6-8.. depends on their ability to handle speedy rides or coasters...and also if the meet the minimun height requirements.

    Pooh's Hunny Hunt at TDL is A MUST RIDE E-Ticket. You have got to do it. Not scary at all. Snow White's ride is a bit scarier than WDW, but a much nicer and colorful version over WDW's. You should ride alone if your kids can't handle it.
    Finally... HM. TDL's is currently doing the Nightmare before Xmas overlay and again... it is a MUST RIDE. If your kids can't handle that. Do a chicken/baby swap. But do not skip just because your kids are not capable of riding it for fear concerns.

    If you have been to WDW, then you know which rides to skip. Personally, i would not skip any. TOT at TDS is probably the best version queue of them all. You should at least do the line then take the chicken exit if you do not want to ride... but the theming there alone is worth doing the line for.

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