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    Thumbs down TDR: Four Arrested for Selling Illegal TDR DVD's

    Chiba Prefectural Police have arrested four people for selling illegal TDR DVD's.

    On Tuesday, October 30th police arrested two different couples in separate cases. They are accused of violating copyright by selling home-produced DVD's of shows and parades they filmed at Tokyo Disney Resort.

    More information at the link below:

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    Re: TDR: Four Arrested for Selling Illegal TDR DVD's

    Thanks just one thing I don't understand were these people trying to sell the DVD's off as an official Disney licensed product or just as fan made videos. As I know of a lot of sites that sell home made park DVD's like the Jeff Lange series that never get looked into. So how is he able to legally sell his products on sites like LaughingPlace while these people get arrested. Are the laws in Japan differnt or is it because its clearly promoted as a fan made DVD.
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    Re: TDR: Four Arrested for Selling Illegal TDR DVD's

    That's really interesting... very curious that the first arrest happened in tokyo too =P 19 million yen converts to around 164,000 dollars... I don't think anyone in America has made that much off of DVDs.

    Odd that I've never heard of these though... have you joe? or anyone else? heh. If non-disney fanatics were buying so many of these things I would've thought that they would've at least come up on some tokyo disney forums in the past.

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    Re: TDR: Four Arrested for Selling Illegal TDR DVD's

    Interesting news. I am glad to see the japanese police going after thugs who do this. I wish they did the same in the USA and China in particular.

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    Re: TDR: Four Arrested for Selling Illegal TDR DVD's

    I don't know if selling your fan-made DVDs is illegal or not, but those that do, like the one that advertises on MiceAge and MiceChat, are just shameless. We have guys providing their own HD videos on MouseBits for free and they are really adding something to the Disney fan community, especially for people who can't get out to the parks. These people that sell their videos add nothing to the community.

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