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    It's my turn !!!! At last

    Well after more than a year of watching all of you guys go and return (or in some cases go-return, go-return, go again-return, then go again) Itís finally my turn to head off on my epic trip to Tokyo and TDL on Sunday. Iíve got 18 days in the resort and city and (inspired by all your trip reports) hope to return and be able to write one of my own.

    Thanks to everyone of you for sharing so many great tips and suggestions I wouldnít be half as prepared without you.

    Thanks again and canít wait to tell you all about it at the end of the monthÖ.

    Bring on the Mouse!


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    Re: It's my turn !!!! At last

    Outstanding!! Congrats!!!

    "We believed in our idea - a family park where parents and children could have fun- together."

    -Walt Disney

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    Re: It's my turn !!!! At last

    steamboat will have a fantastic time

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    Re: It's my turn !!!! At last

    ....And what could be better for Steamboat Will than to run into the one and only TDLFAN on the Disney Resort Line this evening....

    Glad you are enjoying your trip to TDR Will..and sorry I could not sit down and talk more as I was running to catch my train back to Narita.

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    Re: It's my turn !!!! At last

    Don't forget to do a trip report!

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