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    Will the 2008 Olympics being in China...

    affect the cost of travel to Japan through airline tickets and hotel rooms?

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    Re: Will the 2008 Olympics being in China...

    Generally, the Olympics only affects the immediate area around the city it is being held. That's what happened to Atlanta and anything within a 2 hour drive of the city limit.

    Granted I know nothing about how easy it is to hop to Japan from China and vice versa, but I doubt it is as simple as a 2 hour ride on the train or ferry.
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    Re: Will the 2008 Olympics being in China...

    Ummm, why? Tokyo is in Japan. People aren't going to fly to Tokyo and stay there and commute to Beijing to see the Olympics. If they do, they'd be CrAYzEe!

    There's around 1,300 miles difference between the 2 cities. That'd be similar to LA and Dallas.

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    Re: Will the 2008 Olympics being in China...

    There was an article about some of the athletes training in Japan before the olympics because of the facilities but even with that I don't know if it would have an affect. I guess some people might go as a side trip since it's so nearby.

    This is the article,

    Observation from translation work

    Posted by ampontan on Wednesday, December 5, 2007
    Translation work is very busy, so I don’t have the time to do much today. One job I am working on, however, had some interesting content.
    A large travel agency is planning a big promotion overseas to get foreign sports teams to stay in Japan before going on to Beijing for the start of next year’s Olympic games. They are touting the facilities, the lack of pollution, the variety of food, the public safety, and the ease of access to Beijng.
    The agency is serious–and they report the British swimming team has already decided to stay in Japan first!

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    Re: Will the 2008 Olympics being in China...

    While the Olympics is on in China (August) it is also summer holidays in Japan which pushes up prices for transport and hotels in the country. Hotel rooms can get tight in popular tourist destinations in Japan, so it is advisable to book early. Summer is also very humid during this time, so be prepared to sweat!

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