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    Tokyo Disney Cirque du Soleil Show

    For those of you that haven't seen it yet, the new Tokyo Disney Cirque du Soleil show (opening October 1st 2008) website is online at:

    Show Description:
    "An original show is being created exclusively for the Cirque du Soleil Theatre Tokyo. The show follows the journey of a character who ultimately brings two completely opposing worlds, the sky and the earth, together in reconciliation and harmony. This dramatic production will feature a colourful array of unique and lively characters in vibrant costumes for a truly dynamic performance."

    Creative Team:
    Guy Laliberté: Guide and Founder
    François Girard: Writer and Director
    Line Tremblay: Director of Creation
    François Séguin: Set Designer
    Renée April: Costume Designer
    René Dupéré: Composer
    David Finn: Lighting Designer
    Debra Brown: Choreographer
    François Bergeron: Sound Designer
    Serge Lamothe: Playwright
    Scott Osgood: Acrobatic Equipment and Rigging Designer
    Florence Pot: Acrobatic Performance Designer
    Themed Experiences

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    Re: Tokyo Disney Cirque du Soleil Show

    Guy Laliberté:
    François Girard:
    Renée April:
    Debra Brown:

    Ah, my old boss and associates, 20 years later and the core team hasn't changed... the only I noticed missing is Luc LaFortune as lighting designer.

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