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    TDL Opening Documentary

    In honour of the TDR's 25th Anniversary, DLR Cast TV (the closed-circuit network that's available in all Breakrooms) has been airing this very interesting documentary that details the history of the founding of TDL and covers its' opening. It has some interesting original footage, as well.

    Based on the quality of the video, and the reference to dates, I believe that it was produced in 1983 or around that time. I'm pretty sure it was produced or at least sponsored by Walt Disney Productions, just by its presence on Cast TV.

    I was just wondering had any idea of what the title of this documentary was, and if it was available in full on VHS or something. I've tried checking with Cast TV, but I haven't found anything.

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    Re: TDL Opening Documentary

    This is the first time I hear of this program, so I can't help with additional info. I personally would love to see it.

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