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    So I haven't been around much ever since I finished my gargantuan 2000+ picture TR last year, and I thought I'd go look it up only to find it closed! I know MiceChat's gone through some changes so I'll chalk it up to that I guess, but it was still kinda sad to see my once proud thread sent to MiceChat purgatory somewhere. Oh well, life goes on right?

    What surprised me is that, in the time since I posted the pictures and made some attraction videos last year, I haven't seen anyone else make any. Maybe I just missed them, who knows. So because of all that, I'm going to repost the videos I made below so anyone interested can view them:

    Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Crystal Skull\?doc...10408236994465

    Journey to the Center of the Earth\?doc...28292880548913

    Raging Spirits - Day\?doc...97728611254737

    Raging Spirits - Night\?doc...82722638552923

    Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade: DreamLights\?doc...80693333628652

    And if you're interested in those 2000+ pics, you can either follow the link in my sig in the quote of mousercise's kind words, or you can simply go here: PeoplemoverMatt's 2007 Tokyo Trip Photos.

    Unfortunately due to several factors, I have no plans to return to Tokyo any time soon. However it is a phenomenal place to visit and ANYONE who calls themself a Disney fan or a theme park fan in general MUST visit TDR at least once in their life. Enjoy the videos!

    -- PMM

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    Re: Tokyo Disney Resort '07 Videos

    It's very great Movie file. Especially to raging spirit that quite risk when take a movie between playiing.
    By the way,Did you take a movie of Mermaid Lagoon Theartre?I would like to know Can i take a movie of this show?

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    Re: Tokyo Disney Resort '07 Videos

    No you can't. Photography and video are strictly prohibited and Cast Member are constantly monitoring the audience during the show. You will be asked to stop videotaping at once and they will not leave your side until you do so. Then you will be required to submit a written apology to the Emperor or face jail term.;P

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    Re: Tokyo Disney Resort '07 Videos

    Nice videos! I know how hard it is to tape these things--I've mostly given up as I spend so much time trying to avoid people blocking my view or dealing with delays where there's nothing to tape that I can't enjoy whatever it is I'm taping. Thanks for putting it together!

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