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    Japan trip in January

    I am finally getting ready to get my plane ticket to go to Japan in January. I will probably be leaving January 3rd- January 14th. The first week when i am in Japan i will be staying with a friend of my mine in Fukouka. Then from January 11-14 i am trying to work out the final logistics of going to the Tokyo Disneyland Resort. I found a nice hotel in Tokyo called the Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka. It's about 10 miles away from the TDR. Now i have to decide if i want to spend two or three nights at the resort because i was thinking of spending at least one night at the brand new Tokyo Disneyland Hotel. For those who have been to TDL/TDS and going to TDL/TDS in January, how are the crowds?, don't care about the weather, if i have only three days, what should i focus my attention on at TDS/TDL. Is it possible to do everything at the resort during January for three days. Any tips? Any fastpass tips would also help? What time does the park usually open/ close and what time should i get at the gate. Should i stay their all day to get everything done? For third day, does it act as a parkhopper or only one park that day. How far are the parks seperated? If i stay off property, does it cost to ride the Toyko Disney Resort Monorail?

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    Re: Japan trip in January


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    Re: Japan trip in January

    Let me say first and foremost that I am by far the most qualified person to be answering this post, but I will share what I do know.

    Can't tell you anything about your period-specific questions about crowds, etc. in January because I've only been once and that was in October. Sorry.

    As far as whether or not it's possible to do everything in 3 days, I guess the answer depends on you and what kind of a Disney parkgoer you are. 3 days was not enough for me and my fiance. We hit all the highlights and saw most of what we wanted, but we left wishing we had 2 more days to revisit some of our favorite attractions and shows, and to explore more of the non-park portions of the resort. Then again, we walked around w/our jaws dropped for all of the 3 days, taking pictures of everything and spending time just sitting to soak up the atmosphere and theming which, in my opinion, are the most unique and breathtaking aspects. To put things in perspective, we are DL passholders and when we go to WDW we plan to spend 3 days in the parks to get our fill. We spent 1 day at DLRP and felt we saw all we needed to between the 2 parks. We spent 1 day at HKDL and actually wished we had more time.

    At TDL, I particularly enjoyed Pooh's Hunny Hunt and Dreamlights and the holiday parade. And the snow crab pizza I got from Tomorrowland near the Star Tours exit. At TDS, I particularly enjoyed Tower of Terror, 10K Leagues and Journey to the Center of the Earth. LOVED Mythica, Big Band Beat and had this strange fascination of Over the Waves.

    Of course, get there as early as you can. EARLY. And then if you feel you're getting your fill then you can leave early. My advice would be to not get too caught up in the go-go-go thought process but really soak up the atmosphere. Allow yourself time to explore all the detailing and thought and care that went into the parks' designs. If you miss these things, you're really missing what is, in my mind, the best part of TDR.


    As far as whether or not you should stay all day, I'd say you should do whatever you need to to have an enjoyable trip. Would you miss the midday siesta more than you would miss leaving without potentially seeing everything? Everyone has their own style and their own ideas of what makes a great trip.

    Info on parkhoppers and the "monorail" here:

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