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Thread: Club 33 at TDL?

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    Club 33 at TDL?

    I was browsing some pics, I think it was at that showed in the Bazaar area of TDL some doors that showed "33" and mentioned you have to know people to get in there. So is there basically a Club 33 there?

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    Re: Club 33 at TDL?

    Yes, but it has a very different look to the one over here in Disneyland.
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    Re: Club 33 at TDL?

    As far as I know, Club 33 is only available to corporate sponsors and related companies to TDR. In fact, when the FACC came to TDR for the 25th, it was the first time EVER TDL's Club 33 was opened to a Disney fan community group. Whether you have to know someone to get in there... well, that may or may not be the case. I know at DL, yes, you do have to know someone to get invited up there or at least be willing to pay the price to enjoy the Club. Not sure if TDL's Club 33 operates in the same fashion.

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