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    Disney's Ambassador Hotel

    Here's the hotel-review part of my latest trip report installment. I'll come back and update this when I get to the part with all the pictures of the Ambassador's common areas...

    Because we booked our trip basically at the last minute, I had to do a lot of finessing of our Disney resort reservations online. I made and cancelled about 6 different reservations for various combinations of date and hotel before I settled on our 3-resort hop. The Ambassador was the only hotel I could get for the Friday night of our trip, and I was kinda bummed. For some reason—lack of photos online?—I assumed that the Ambassador would be the Paradise Pier of Tokyo Disney's resorts: a bland, basic hotel with the barest Disney overlay and chintzy amenities. Instead, we found a gleaming Art Deco masterpiece with subtle but Disney-fabulous theming and basically the same amenities as Hotel MiraCosta (although it was the first Disney hotel built in Tokyo, it's only one year older than MiraCosta, and the rooms are almost identical). Sure, it's not on the monorail (whose idea was that, BTW?!), but it is close to Ikspiari and feels just as posh as the other two Disney hotels. In fact, Patrick declared it his favorite of all three resorts.

    What made our stay even better was getting a room on the Concierge level (known as the Ambassador Floor). One day during my reservation finessing, an Ambassador Floor room popped up that was only about $40 more per night than the cheapest category of standard room. We never stay Concierge in the US because a few muffins at breakfast and a handful of truffles at dessert are not worth the $100+ surcharge per night. But breakfast at Chef Mickey's in the Ambassador would have set us back more than 40 bucks, so I jumped on the deal.

    We were directed to the 6th floor Ambassador Lounge to check in. When we got there, the first thing they did was seat us at a table and offer us free drinks.

    Not being a big soda drinker, I think I ordered a glass of milk… and it looks like it had ice cubes in it…?

    Then they had me go over to a desk and sit down with someone to check in.

    Then there was more drinking back at the table, and then someone came over with our room keys, and a woman escorted us to our room. The corridors look like those on a cruise ship, and each door has a faux porthole.

    The beds look so narrow in this pic, and I remember worrying about the size, but I don't recall them being too tight a squeeze…

    We got yet another free fruit bowl—it's a wonder poor Patrick didn't get the trots!

    This was the only Disney resort that had a desk/vanity built into the hall shelves—nice touch!

    In addition to the standard Disney-branded toiletries, we got a set of real Shiseido toiletries and a pack of rose-scented bath beads (I'm guessing cuz we were Concierge?). I looooved my bath.

    Hmm… I think I'monna bust out some of that bath gel tonight! Er, I mean, I would if I had taken some from the hotel…

    "Must not steal towels…. Must not steal towels…"

    In case you're wondering…

    Ill-fitting jammies!!!

    And what's this? Ill-fitting slippers too?!!!

    You'll see waaaaaay more of the pool in tomorrow's update, but here's how it looks at night:

    The view from our room (with zoom!)

    Something that we don't know what it is…

    Boy, this is a lot of pictures… Patrick must've been delirious with exhaustion at this point!

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    Re: Disney's Ambassador Hotel

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing.

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    Re: Disney's Ambassador Hotel

    That one picture of looks like a humidifier. Cool.

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