We booked one night at the Yaesu Terminal Hotel because it was the cheapest centrally located hotel we could find for an "extra" night between Disney and our 5-day stint at the Metropolitan Marunouchi Hotel. If I'd known we were gonna need a taxi to get all our stuff back to Tokyo from Disney, I would have booked someplace a little nicer but farther away for the same price. But this place is right around the corner from Tokyo Station, so it would have been walkable had we used the subway.

Yaesu Terminal Hotel

This is definitely the kind of hotel people are talking about when they say that Tokyo hotels are tiny and overpriced. Our room was conveniently located next to the coffin-like elevator. We had to split up our luggage and go up one at a time.

The room was so small (and devoid of closets) that we had to stack all the furniture except the bed in a big pile in order to fit our suitcases!

Meanwhile, the bathroom was so tiny that one could practically shower, shave at the sink, and sit on the john simultaneously!

Why, even the trash can is miniature!

My husband pointed out that if we were staying at a friend's house, we'd be OK with staying in a room this size, so that's what he was pretending. I was just going by the size of the bathroom, which looked like the head on a cut-rate cruise ship, so that's what I was pretending.

Because I was a lady, I was handed a convenience pack at check-in that included such items as…

Hey, free scrubbie, free hair clip—what am I complaining about?

…Well, I'll tell you what I'm complaining about: the view! (which we had to wait to shoot until the next day)

That's right, our view was of a wall. Oh wait, *and* a dangling bundle of cable! (I think that cost extra.)

From the sublime (our view at Hotel Miracosta)….

… to the ridiculous!

Don't look down.

I told you not to look down!!!

Overall, it wasn't horrible. The place was clean and adequate for a 1-night stay, but I wouldn't want to spend any length of time there. For the same money, we could have had a room at the Hotel Gracery Ginza, which has been recently refurbished and is right around the corner from Chuo-Dori, or the Remm Hibiya, which is brand new. But those would have required catching the subway from Tokyo Station instead of just getting off the Keiyo line train and walking (and walking and WALKING!).