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    Metropolitan Marunouchi Hotel

    I picked Hotel Metropolitan Marunouchi because I wanted a place right next to Tokyo Station so we could make an early-morning departure for Kyoto, and I needed one that was cheaper than the oft-recommended Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo (which itself is among the least expensive hotels near Tokyo Station). In fact, the building Hotel Metropolitan Marunouchi is in, Sapia Tower, is literally steps from the north exit of Tokyo Station. The trick is finding the *right* north exit (Nihombashi), because there are at least two with "North" in the name among the dozens of station exits… It's also the entrance where buses drop you off at Tokyo Station.

    The entrance at night…

    …and in the daytime!

    There is an entrance to the Otemachi subway station right inside Sapia Tower and one directly across the street, but don't be fooled! It's really just a tunnel that takes you blocks and blocks away, while the Tokyo Station subway stop is a shorter walk away.

    Otemachi "Sta," and by "Sta" we mean "endless tunnel"!

    Like many of the hotels in Tokyo, Hotel Metropolitan Marunouchi starts about halfway up, with the lobby on the 27th floor and the rooms above.

    I usually try to keep our stuff out of them so you can really see the room, but in this case, there was no other place to put it!

    The closet!

    Our room looked out over the area of Tokyo Station where the bullet trains arrive and depart—very cool!

    I didn't know we could see Tokyo Tower from our room til I saw this photo just now!

    As I'd expected from the price, Hotel Metropolitan Marunouchi fell somewhere between our first Tokyo hotel (Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu) and the closet we got at Yaesu Terminal Hotel. It was quite compact and not laid out very well (did we really need a massive piece of furniture next to the desk that provided just three slender shelves?). The bathroom felt more like a room and less like a closet, which was nice, but wasn't as big as the one at Akasaka Excel Hotel and could've benefited from a window instead of a wall. Also, I was disappointed to learn that Hotel Metropolitan Marunouchi does not have laundry facilities as advertised on Expedia. After missing our chance for clean clothes at the Disney hotels, this was my last hope of being able to refresh our wardrobe. Instead, we did a lot of washing in our sink—gack!

    But I liked that the décor was sleek and the room finishes didn't feel "budget-y" like in the last place. Also, the view was fabulous! Best of all, the hotel is ideally located if you want to be able to nip down to Tokyo Station at a moment's notice. Besides being our departure point for Kyoto, the station gave us ATMs, a convenience store, access to the subway, and almost all of our meals, thanks to the numerous food courts and easy access to the Daimaru department store food hall—plus a fabulous underground shopping "street" for anime characters. More on that in a sec! We were also able to buy limo bus tickets back to the airport from the concierge. Maybe this is common in most Tokyo hotels, but it was an unexpected bonus when we needed it.

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    Re: Metropolitan Marunouchi Hotel

    Thanks for your report.

    No laundry service can be a real downer. If you need it, you REALLY need it.

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