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    New cast member

    Will be traveling to work at tokyo disney on April 3rd. what type of electrical converter will I need? Will have a laptop, blow dryer, curling iron, etc. Anyone living at e-village have any idea if they have a tv and dvd player or should I bring my own dvd player. All new to me. Thanks.

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    Re: New cast member

    Not sure if you need a voltage converter for Asia like you need for Europe, but will need an adapter for the plug, the prongs and outlets are very different shapes in other countries than your used to seeing here. Unless you already have a multi region DVD player, I'm guessing you don't, Japanese DVDs won't work on you US player. DVD players and DVDs sold in US, Canada and Mexico are coded to region 1. Depending on how long you are going to be there you might be better off just traveling light and getting whatever small electronic equipment you need there.

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    Re: New cast member

    If I remember correctly, the units at e-Village are all normal plugs. It's just that the voltage is a bit different, but it doesn't really affect anything. Just be careful with plug in alarm clocks, as the time has a mind of it's own. Take one with batteries. Back in the beginning, the units all came with a tv with a vhs player in the front, but not too sure what they currently have. I miss the units there. Stayed in a few different ones. A Building is fun in an earthquake.

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    Re: New cast member

    Electric outlets in Japan are compatible with the USA standard.

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