So we're finally going to Tokyo, which is in itself amazing. The focus of our trip will of course be TDR. But we'd like to add a few more things to our itinerary. We were able to secure tickets to the Studio Ghibli Museum. I'm looking into getting tickets to a baseball game. I also found out that one of my favorite bands is going to be in Tokyo while we are there, so I definitely want to see them.
Does anyone have a recommendation for purchasing baseball tickets? From what I can understand, the Yomiuri Giants will be playing at home while we are in Tokyo (our dates are 3/23-4/1).
Also, Iím having difficulty translating the website for the music festival Iíd like to attend. Google and other translation websites arenít translating some of the critical text on the website, which is: TICKETS - PUNKSPRING 2013 . Does anyone have any ideas about how to purchase tickets for this event?