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Thread: Hhn 2009

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    Re: Hhn 2009

    Quote Originally Posted by Lane View Post
    Water is a very cheap trick but on the log ride it never got old... ahh good times..
    Seriously... The log ride was hella crazy! I never recalled screaming more like a little girl the whole time! Seriously you all did really good on that one... I really was so freaked out because the scares that get me the most are the sudden ones that I dont expect... whereas in the mazes you expect things to pop out of corners and in some cases the monsters are standing in front of you... but in the log ride, they shut off almost all lighting and you never expect half the stuff and theres even some fake areas where you thought a monster would be but wasnt!

    But in all seriousness! I am glad to hear Universal will be doing Saw and Halloween... so that kinda leaves me to think... what will the third one be? I know they usually have 4 to 5 mazes dont they?

    I am debating in whether to try Halloween Horror Nights when we go do our Haunt trip in October... but one thing that will get me is the excessive use of Chainsaws I hear that Universal has... if there is one halloween prop that scares me more than anything its a chainsaw... I know they take the blades off but your mind doesnt think that when the actor has it buzzing right near the back of your neck and you can feel the heat from it buzzing... but I think I might want to brave my chainsaw fears and go do Halloween Horror Nights this year, especially if 2 of my favorite [I have lots of favorites] horror franchises will be having mazes! Michael Myers and Jigsaw... Also having a chainsaw fear will probably be half the fun of going anyways because I am like the blonde chick who goes with her big boyfriend although the only difference is that I scream high pitched just as much as her but instead of not having fun and being mad at the boyfriend for taking me, I instead enjoy every minute of it and realize its all in good scary fun And those freakouts make some good memories!

    So if the mazes will be Michael Myers, Jigsaw, and a mystery one... dont they also use the House of Horrors Attraction too? So is that 4 mazes and I know they take you on the backlot and have you walk through stuff on there... doesnt that count as a maze too? And I hear their scare zones are different from other places like Knotts and stuff.

    Elly, how is Halloween Horror Nights, is it also worth trying because I loved Knotts but one of my coworkers went to Universals event 2 years ago and said the mazes were more about show and putting you in the middle of parts from the movie rather than being too crazy, in fact my coworker recommended Knotts for the scare factor but then said if I wanted elaborate sets and to be in the middle of the horror settings to go to Universal!

    Also in relation to expense, how expensive is Halloween Horror nights and how crowded does it get compared to Knotts... the annoucement of Saw kinda has me intrigued to want to go do this one too this year!
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    Re: Hhn 2009

    At HHN (Hollywood) in the mazes they are the character. So in certain scenes they are suppose to be doing a certain action pertaining to the scene. At knotts the monsters just use their envirorment to scare you.. and chase you if they want. From what ive seen at HHN, Universal spends a lot of their money on elaborate set pieces but they only create 3 mazes. The House of Horrors is a year-round maze and people never seem to like it becasue they already seen it. But Universal hasnt released much info so maybe they are planning on building more than 3 this year..

    As for crowds.. HHN only runs fri-sun? so the first weeked is not so crowded but the last 2-3 weekend tend to be busy.

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