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    Talking USH could be the best if they acquire the GOLF course years ago

    Hey guys,

    If Universal Studios Hollywood was to acquired that freaking huge golf course land years ago before it was converted to the now golf course, USH would be the biggest and the best theme park in the west (might even be bigger than Disneyland resort).

    I really hate whenever USH wants a new attraction or shows they gotta remove the old one. WHY, not add it and not remove it. By doing that, the number of attractions and rides stay the same. I want to see the number increase.

    For example, by building a transformer the ride, they have to tear down 2 awesome attractions for it:Backdraft and Special effects show.

    By building the Mummy the ride, they had to remove E.T.

    By doing the Simpsons the ride, they had to remove Back to the Future.

    Yes, I know that they have limited amount of space.
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    Re: USH could be the best if they acquire the GOLF course years ago

    You need to take a step back and look at the whole picture. If the golf course (currently a private community) had been acquired it wouldn't belong to Universal Studios Hollywood, it'd belong to Universal Studios. While both fall under the NBC Universal umbrella, they are separate entities working on the same land. If the land was bought, the only feasible way to expand the park (assuming USH and US worked it out) would be to move the sound stages, production buildings, etc to the new area and spread out the lower lot. That being said, there is the problem with the LA River (cemented in the 30s) acting as a physical border between the golf course and Universal Studios.

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    Re: USH could be the best if they acquire the GOLF course years ago

    Among those living in the country club community are Disney's nephew's family; it's not going away.


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