Went this past sat. to check out the USH Pre- Halloween horror nights.

Welcome to the Parking Structure!!

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And Welcome to USH
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Went around to check out some of the set ups they had out already.

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Took the Studio Tour after hitting up the rides and shows. I must say I loved the old King Kong section of the tour, but I really thought the new one was pretty rad.

What was left of our tram after Kong!

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Went over to the Desperate Housewives sets which are dressed for the Halloween Episode.

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Went through the JAWS

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The Bates Motel had some gates sitting in the front to be set up for the Terror Tram I believe.

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Went and did the Mummy and JP a second time and took pics of the maze being built next to the Mummy ride.

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Did some character hunting before I left for the day.

Ran into Doc Brown. This guy was so rad. We talk for about 20 minutes about Star Wars lol.

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After a long day I had to leave fast!!!
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