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    Re: Best Way to Conquer USH HHN?

    ^well with VI you can walk on all the mazes on the top in the first hour (no lines makes it easy to do) then you go on the Tram for hour hours (I would guess thy feed u if its that long).....then at 11:30 go on the lower lot mazes and ride then end with Bill and Ted and many a Maze or two more....sounds like a pretty good night to lines and your always doing something

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    Re: Best Way to Conquer USH HHN?

    I went last night, October 8, and at first I thought it was almost impossible to hit every maze by the end of the night, but I actually went through every maze before 10PM. I'm not sure how this was possible, but I think the crowd of people that attended last night were rather slow in catching on to how fast mazes lines can fill up.

    - get there before rope drop!
    - we headed toward 'House of 1000 Corpses' and were one of the first groups of the night.
    - after headed to 'the thing,' which in my opinion was the second best maze of the night.
    - then went to 'la llorona,' at this point the line reached 15 minutes, but it was very manageable. the sets in this maze exceed my expectations, they were amazing.
    - took a little break and got ice cream from that like 'ben & jerry's stall.'
    - headed to the lower lot and hit 'revenge of the mummy: the ride.'
    - hit 'hostel' right after, which in my opinion was a great maze, probably my favorite of the night.
    - went into 'alice cooper's: welcome to my nightmare' right after. this one kind of was disappointing but only because the maze was CONSTANTLY backed up. i think we stood still in each room.
    - it was about 9:30, and we finished the mazes we really wanted to see.
    - went into wolfman just because it was there
    - decided to hit Terror Tram when we got back to the upper lot.
    - ate and then watched the 12:15 show of 'Bill and Ted.'
    - practically finished the night with walking through the scare zones and being targeted!
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    Re: Best Way to Conquer USH HHN?

    Ended up hitting up everything the 8th. Thanks for all the advice!
    Hit La Llarona first, The thing, Hotel & Alice twice, Jurrasic, came back up and did the tram. Then ate. Did HOH at around 12 when the times we 20 mins. Awesome night. Got the card from Hotel too =D

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    Re: Best Way to Conquer USH HHN?

    does anyone have a scanned copy of the map for Halloween Horror Nights?

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