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    Re: Transformers The Ride 3D -- Micechat Reviews!

    Quote Originally Posted by DisneySarah View Post
    I agree with those who said Spider-Man and Harry Potter are better. Having been on those as well, Transformers comes in third. (I am partial to the skyscraper falling (or is it climbing?) part, which is lacking in Transformers, and HP is just the best thing since sliced bread.) I actually was disappointed in the lack of set pieces in Transformers - I expected an AA or two in there to mix things up. But also, if you've never seen those Florida attractions, Transformers will blow your socks off. My advice is to sit in the middle or back row - the front is very intense (especially with the stuff-flying-in-your-face-ness).

    I think one of my favorite parts was USH's idea of an "interactive queue". It's called buttons and switches and keyboards that do absolutely nothing even though you push them a hundred times. The kids in front of me in line had a ball. The best part? There's no effect to break once the button's been pushed 100,000 times. The 100+ televisions sets in the queue? I'm at the point where I just write that off as being a USH signature, cost-saving, queue measure.

    Another thing... is the floor in the queue supposed to vibrate so much? In the room with the ultra-spark (mega-spark? ugh, I'm not a Transformers fan so I can't remember what that thing's called. All-spark?) Anyway, the room with the spark thing vibrates terribly. Like, I was standing there thinking - either this is an intentional effect, or USH is going to have some serious vibration-caused structural problems, or we're having a minor earthquake.

    I also saw a guy handing out chips to riders that had been evac'd (ha! a pun!) and thought that was very classy of USH. Their crew members were also very much in character - I was saluted when I got back to unload!

    Overall, good times. I noticed that every 10-year old boy coming off the ride was ecstatic. And then got back in line. If you like Michael Bay movies, this is the ride for you.
    Hmm, I was wondering the same thing about the All-Spark room. I thought it was pretty cool judging by the fact that we are at war so it would make sense for it to vibrate. But I guess when you think structurally that we are on the 1st floor and the ride is going on above us, I guess it could be coming from the ride. But then when I think about the fact that there are no speakers on the ride anywhere but the cars, they couldn't possibly have a strong enough sound system to shake the building... Same thing happens in Simpsons. I'm thinking it might be a trend or done intentionally.

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    Re: Transformers The Ride 3D -- Micechat Reviews!

    I made it up today and I was there early so I made a B-kine for Transformers right away. It was awesome!!!! I came out and went right back in through the singles line which got me right into the ride in a snap. The regular Q-line is fine but so long after going through it once I was ready for the ride again. I love this ride. I rode the Spiderman ride in Florida back in 1999 and that was an amazing experience but this new technology is 10 times better if not 100 times. I never felt sick or turned green once during both rides. I was amazed at the screen sizes used in this ride and how smooth and seamless the transitions are from room to room and was never able to tell when I was on the second floor of the ride. It is just amazing and the car movements are flawless and perfectly in sync with the projected images. Amazing all the way through.
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    Re: Transformers The Ride 3D -- Micechat Reviews!

    Ride of the year. I'm sure RSR will be great but nothing like Transformers. I rode it 4 times and I was blown away. One of the interesting things is during a scene you go up a second floor and you don't even notice. I was very impressed and a fantastic addition to USH.
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    Re: Transformers The Ride 3D -- Micechat Reviews!

    It is an odd coincidence that the two big attractions in southern California this year both involve vehicles that are also characters.

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    Re: Transformers The Ride 3D -- Micechat Reviews!

    Very true, didn't think of that!

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    Re: Transformer's The Ride 3D - MiceChat Reviews & Guide

    The MiceChat guide to Transformers the Ride 3D has been updated with information from the grand opening celebration. In addition, the poll and reader reviews have been merged with the ride information to make it easier for readers to find all the information they need to know about this excellent attraction.
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    Re: Transformer's The Ride 3D - MiceChat Reviews & Guide

    Where'd the original behind the scene tour pictures go?

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    Re: Transformers The Ride 3D -- Micechat Reviews!

    Quote Originally Posted by Lost Boy View Post
    I love this ride. I rode the Spiderman ride in Florida back in 1999 and that was an amazing experience but this new technology is 10 times better if not 100 times.
    It's important to note that Spider-Man at Islands of Adventure was upgraded this year to the same new technology. All new CG mastered in 4K high-definition, Infitec digital projectors, dichroic 3D glasses, improved lighting and scenery detail in the physical sets, 16-channel audio, etc. It is technically on the same level as Transformers now, which is why I've been arguing that Universal would be silly to bring Transformers to Orlando. The rides are far too similar, they should both be headliner attractions at their respective parks.

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