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    A Different Look at the New Transformers Ride

    Hey Everyone,

    I'm a long time reader and first time poster. So here it goes!
    I'm in the film industry and last week I was on the Universal lot shooting a commercial on Stage 12. On my way through the lot I always like to wave at the trams going by (I wonder how many tourist's photos I'm in, haha), so I probably waved to you if you were in the park!

    Anyway, I get a different view of USH so I figured I'd share a few of those photos and a different view of Transformers than you normally get. Take a look!

    Name:  IMG_0987.jpg
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    The Mystery Mobile behind Jurassic Park.

    Name:  IMG_0983.jpg
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    Between stages 23 and 24 (CSI) as the tram passes, Transformers in the background.

    Name:  IMG_0985.jpg
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    Transformers, a little closer. Checkout that roll door on the third story, must've been how they loaded some things in?

    Thanks for looking!

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    Re: A Different Look at the New Transformers Ride

    Very cool, cool to see it from the Tram's perspective. Thanks for sharing!

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    Re: A Different Look at the New Transformers Ride

    Waitaminit! The Mystery Machine was NOT a rear-engine Volkswagen!! No Stuttgart Fakes!!

    It was an older Mid-engine American van - I'll have to study the original cartoon artwork for clues about the headlight buckets, but I'm sure it had a radiator grille on front, not a spare tire...

    Dodge (A100), Ford (Falcon & Econoline) and GM (Chevy Sportvan, GMC Handi-Van) all made versions of the exact same mid-engine layout in the 1960's with the engine in a box between and slightly behind the front seats, and there are still some still chugging around out there Universal could have purchased and fixed up. Many were straight-six or Slant-Six engines, and they'd run darned near forever.

    They may have deliberately picked the design because it was common to several makes (including the Corvair Greenbrier & Corvan variant...) and drew it as a 'neuter van' to head off calls of favoritism - or worse, calls from the carmakers to stop using it without paying them for the design...

    Same reason why they can't call the string of mountains in the Radiator Springs Racers backdrop the "Cadillac Range" in DCA. GM wouldn't license them the name.

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