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    Wink Curse of Chucky a Maze Next Year?

    Curse of Chucky Begins Production - IGN

    I know it's not even HHN 2012 but after reading a New Chucky Movie is coming out next year, I will throw out a prediction that if the series is getting rebooted that a Maze will be coming to HHN 2013

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    Re: Curse of Chucky a Maze Next Year?

    I saw that article. I'd love for Universal to do a Chucky maze next year. Poor Chuckster lately hasn't been getting any love. Additionally, the maze in Orlando was amazing I thought, I wanted to check it out so badly. It'd be nice to have something like it here.

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    Re: Curse of Chucky a Maze Next Year?

    that or the return of the insult emporium how about that?
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