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    Re: HHN Hollywood 2012 Reviews

    Terror Tram part of the problem is guests stopping to take flash yes flash pictures or videos as they are walking. Last night went with Front of The Line passes. They really need to keep people moving PERIOD thru that area.

    Silent Hill was dead on last night. Maybe because the first time we went in we were the first and the scareactors were ready to go. The second time was just as good. I know Texas Chainsaw the first time thru was dead on everything BUT when here is a huge conga line and you're stopping inside a maze it takes me out of the element of being in a maze part of the storyline. I think that's why I rate Universal under Knott's this year.

    Last night Alice Cooper was on my bottom of the mazes because there were really NO scares timing was definitely off. But love that maze just for the details. La Llorona I actually had a panic attack inside because of the scares and the fact that once again the line just STOPS inside the maze so I was getting scared more than I would if just walking straight thru. The Walking Dead I had a "walker" come up to me and say"where are you going? I want to eat your brains." just brilliant.

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    Re: HHN Hollywood 2012 Reviews

    Woo! I went on Saturday night in a group of 5 and man was it exciting! The other reviews really hit the nail on the head.

    For those who want a plan to tackle the event, me and my whole party of 5 got to all of the mazes (each of the 6), each one of the scare zones with time is linger, the Terror Tram, the Bill and Ted show, and the Jurassic Park and Transformers. Basically, come early, that is important, as many arrive later, so beating the crowds is crucial. Then, make sure your whole party is on the same page in regards to goals, I pumped up my friends and we were all ready to go. So rope drop and i hit the Walking Dead maze first, i heard it was a long wait and The Thing maze last year in that same spot held a Horrible wait for me, so i learned. Finished that maze and headed directly downstairs, with a few screams from roaming clowns on the way. Missed Silent Hill entrance, so went directly to Transformers, so we went ahead anyways since it was on our list. Waited about 20 mins and that was a good time ! ( a discussion for another thread) After, we went to Texas Chainsaw maze and waited exactly 5 minutes as practically nobody was there. Next headed to Jurassic Park ride with less than 5 minutes wait, and then our first with of the night was met at the Silent Hill maze. We probably could have done it earlier, but i didn't want a schedule to tie me down, so we did other things first and so we met a line at this maze. Took about 20-30 mins, about the same as Transformers. And there we were, it was only one and a half hours in and we were done with all we wanted to do downstairs. We ate(come even earlier if you want to eat outside the gates and save ten bucks a head!). It was two hours in and we heade upstairs, missed a Bill and Ted showing, so we went to the Terror Tram. Fairly large wait, but line never stopped moving...never x) After, this was the worst part, the wait for La Llorna, took 65 minutes. The winding line in darkness and quiet drove us crazy and made us sleep. But the maze was well worth it! Now i had wished to see the show, but we missed a showing again! So i decided to hit Universal Monsters Remix, well worth it because of mild scares, but good fun and gets you pumped! Love that dub step. Now, we hung around the scare zones getting a bottle of water in one, heading to the bathroom in another, and watching a boyfriend ditch his girlfriend as she was being pinned to a corner by that bunny with a chainsaw! Now, perfect timing for the show! the lines were already inside, no wait, went inside and found a seat towards the center of the theater, and got to relax finally and just laugh. Nice show, and then we elected to go and see our final maze Alice Cooper. one hour wait, but we were one of the last, so the scares were really worn out by now. The actors were evidently tired, but continued to put on their show, applaud for them still getting me screaming even after the whole night! So basically, hit a couple upstairs, but dont dilly dally too long, then beat the crowds downstairs and hit the popular ones first, then head back upstairs and its all up for grabs then onward as all except probably terror tram and dubstep zombies will probably hav long waits, but with enough time to wait for them, than dont miss the show! And so there you have it! My plan, executed, and hopefully you can take some pointers from it and get to do all your hearts' desire when you visit this year! It was a great year overall, very fantastic and a job well done, DO NOT MISS IT! And when you do go, make sure to check twitter for the secret word of the night to tell the mailman of the Silent Hill maze, he waks around so dont miss him and his free prize!

    Mazes in a Nutshell: (first note, my first few mazes had no issues with the "conga line" that would form in the mazes with bad line control as other complained about, the mazes that did have such thing happen was the La Llorna maze especially, also with the longest wait, and Silent Hill. Basically, beat the crowds, because if there is a long line to get in, there is a long conga line inside the maze. I so happend to hit the tram and show while the waits were horrible)

    Walking Dead maze is a must see! Not as many huge sets, but surely the closed spaces will add an even worst feeling of terror. Scares a plenty! Definitely, and such hyper actors and downright creepy scenes. Make sure to have someone to hold x) MY personal favorite of the night.
    Silent Hill felt shortest and least scary, be sure to watch the movie or play the game beforehand or else the pyramid head characters will not make any sense nor will they scare you, as I was thoroughly confused by the end.
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre was the most gruesome, very scary, and best (or worst) smelling maze of all, lots of meat!
    Terror Tram was extremely enjoyable. Some dry moments, but time to walk and gawk at the sets and scenes is nice, not to mention the photo-op with at the Psycho house. A few very good scares, roaming zombies, and a sneak peak at the new season makes this a Terror Tram to remember.
    La Llorna was different in some places for the better and overall was another great maze. The entier time, the sets and actors were intense, but when it became a scare coming right at me, i had to scream. DO NOT MISS
    Dubstep zombies was especially fun, that's the word, fun! Love the music, got me pumped, and some of the actors were really into it, so i got to see some different things happen as compared to regualar mazes.
    Alice Cooper Goes to Hell was a sad dud for me, not because it was a bad maze, but because of my own timing. I feel like i cannot review it properly as the actors were NOT at full force, but were still frightening. No complaints, they were tired, and so was I! So no harm done, nice colors and the 3-D glasses added a distrting image to the maze. Loved the last scene x)
    Bill and Ted was very entertaining! Nice and energetic, no weak points, some hillarious yet cruel jokes, and other great dance numbers. Nice show, I want to see it again definitely!
    Scare zones in all were fantastic. Downstairs was not scary, could even be better as a photo-op, but the clowns were extremely energetic and by far the best, Witches were creepy as were the the Toyz, loved that bunny with a chainsaw!
    Transformers (again, something for another thread) was overall phenomenal. Great ride, as is Jurassic Park, got soaked d:

    SO yes! Do not miss this year, make sure to hit up The Walking Dead, Texas Chainsaw, and La Llorna mazes! The others are also just as good. Bill and Ted was also one to not miss. And for all of those hoping to do alot and avoid long waits, come early! Its helps, i live an hour and 20 mins away, left at 4, and had time to get situated and get inside. Have fun everybody!

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    Re: HHN Hollywood 2012 Reviews

    Went on Sunday. I've been a monster at Knott's and other smaller mazes as well as run Personnel at a mid-sized single structure maze, and while this was my first HHN I'm a longtime vet of Shipwreck(or whatever they call it a given year), Haunt etc. - which probably informs my experience.

    Loved the chainsaw rush at the start of the night, at rope drop. I was soon to feel differently about chainsaws and Uni's reliance on them, but there was a moment when the clowns charged the crowd, the crowd surged, the screams started, and I wanted nothing more on this planet than to pick up a saw of my own and charge.

    The scare zones... well, weren't. I like the deco, it's got potential, but the entire Klownz/Witches/Toys all stacked on each other meant that it all blended in. I feel they're wasting a huge amount of potential with that. And if I weren't aware that there was supposed to be a "scare zone" down at the bottom, I'd have never known - the *only* costumed characters out and about were very obviously headed somewhere, likely break.

    Terror Tram... it's where I burned out on chainsaws. I'm sorry, but when a line of dimly lit people wearing facemasks and carrying small gas engines materializes, my brain instantly goes to "lawn crew" not "omgzombies". I spent the rest of the night trying not to laugh when I heard a saw - I kept expecting leafblowers. It was nice going through the sets etc. as well, but... it was lacking? I can't really put my finger on it. Part of it may be the fact that the tram drives there, drops you off, picks you up and heads back. It seems like the only reason the tram's used is so that they can call it "Terror Tram" and not "Walk fifteen minutes to this thing in the middle of the backlot".

    Mazes... Didn't make Remix or TCM. Remix... I'm not a fan of dubstep. I'd been warned about DJ FrankyFrank's House of Burning Man. It didn't rate the priority list. And TCM came down to "Wait, MORE chainsaws? Didn't we park way too far away to really worry about that?".

    Clinically speaking, La Llorana was probably the best overall experience for me with Alice Cooper right behind. They had a thematic consistency (Alice REALLY should have just been called "AC Presents Dante's Inferno") and overall seemed the most like an "experience" and less like "seeing bits of a story".

    Walking Dead was nice and probably had the desired effect - it seemed so much like a clip show made real (Look! Here's the dragline by the mountain camp! There's the RV! There's the halfzombie from season 2!), and partly to make sense of it I'm currently plowing through a borrowed copy of the show. It IS making the maze better in retrospect, but there's something to be said for designing for the non-fan.

    Silent Hill... *sigh* I'm not even going to bother describing it. I'm too much a fanboy. I have a sad feeling I got a lot more out of the maze than most of the crowd - they even put in the starter SH2 monster, complete with the endless chain link fences us gamer-types remember so well...

    I can't speak to "scare" because I unfortunately did not get scared, period, the entire night. I'm a big guy, and I am not exaggerating when I say that a total of *two* monsters actually took a shot at me the entire night. Everyone else focused on using me as a sight block to get the people behind me, and the entertainment value of being a mobile wall is... limited.

    Didn't do any of the shows. We did open to close and didn't have time, and frankly the "clip reel" for Bill & Ted we were subjected to while waiting for our friends to eat made it a no-go.

    But beyond that, good night. I'm not willing to call "better" or "worse" than any given larger event, and would just say it's worth the money, and each has the things they do better. Knott's generally seems to focus more on "sitcom" style mazes (welcome to our situation, here's how it plays out around you), HHN seems to do more "you are walking through a story with definite plot points along the way", each has it's strengths etc.
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    Re: HHN Hollywood 2012 Reviews

    First time going to HHN, and I completely LOVED it. Regardless of how FREAKED out I was, I would seriously go back. Already excited for next year. My favorite maze was a tie between Silent Hill / Texas just for being the scariest to me. La Llorona was creepy and so eerie. Ughh!!!! The one thing I thought that wasn't worth the wait was The Terror Tram, I didn't really get scared... at felt like I was just walking in dirt with random guys yelling Where are you going? And bumping into me... just was a maze for beginners really..

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