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    Re: HHN Hollywood First Timer HELP!

    I was tracking the wait time for last Sunday, and they're totally crazy after the terror tram closes at 9:30. The mazes get absolutely flooded with people who didn't make it onto the tram. I'm going this Sunday and plan to hit the tram very first thing, and then hit up as many lower lot mazes as possible. It will probably be 8-8:15. So given that I don't want to go on any rides, I could go alice cooper or walking dead. What do you all propose as a plan of attack to hit all the mazes in the night given that the tram closes early on Thurs/Sun. I'm not interested in any of the rides.
    Here's last weekend's wait times:

    7:00: monster 20, Texas 10, Silent 10, Cooper 10, W.Dead 20, Llorna 10, TRAM 20
    7:30: monster 15, Texas 10, Silent 10, Cooper 10, W.Dead 20, Llorna 10, TRAM 40
    8:00 monster 25, Texas 15, Silent 25, Cooper 20, W.Dead 35, Llorna 35, TRAM 70
    9:00 monster 15, Texas 45, Silent 45, Cooper 45, W.Dead 45, Llorna 60, TRAM 45
    10:00 monster 15, Texas 50, Silent 70, Cooper 60, W.Dead 75, Llorna 60, TRAM n/a

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    Re: HHN Hollywood First Timer HELP!

    Quote Originally Posted by niklj View Post
    Just want to say that I followed your plan to the T when I went last Sunday 10/7 (except Transformers was down the whole time we were in the lower lot so we didn't get to go on that) and it worked out perfectly. Got there at around 4:44 and was among the first in security line and then among the first in line to the turnstiles. Alice and Silent Hill were pretty much walk-ons, and then by about 7:30 things started slowing down near TCM (about 15 minutes). The Terror Tram line was about 90 minutes by 8:30 I think (they really need to think of a better way to queue the thing because the way it congests before it gets to the stairway is horrible) and then afterwards, by around 10 or 11 the lines for Walking Dead/La Llorna were about 45-50 min. and UMR was about 15 minutes. With this plan my friend and I were able to hit all the mazes, ride the Mummy, and end the night with Bill and Ted, stress-free. Thanks!
    I'm glad you got everything done with my advice! That makes it so worth it to have written everything out. However, I actually would've advised something a little different for a Sunday or Thursday. For days where the Terror Tram closes early, I'd recommend doing that first to avoid hitting a line for it later, and THEN run down to the lower lot and continue the schedule as normal from there. Too bad about Transformers though.

    Quote Originally Posted by jcruise86 View Post

    I'm really impressed by all of the suggestions on this tread. SoCalbma--good post, and dth316, your list of suggestions was EPIC! I bet many many micechatters heading to Universal's Halloween Horror Nights will have much better evenings because all of you took to the time to write these posts! On behalf of them, THANK YOU!
    If I could help or enhance at least one person's night with my tips/advice/tricks, writing those lists are worth it! Sometimes I write out those long lists and people don't follow them and they end up saying they had a bad time. First thing I always ask is, "did you follow the directions?" They then ofcourse say, "pretty much but we got there at around 8 and we did this one ride twice" and I'm already thinking, "say no more! First thing you messed up on was getting there at 8 and if that wasn't bad enough, wasting time on a ride not only once but twice!" But the people that DO follow the advice (or the people who go with me and never have gone before but I promise to get them on everything) thank me a whole lot at the end of the night! HHN is my favorite Halloween event and I just hate it when people say they don't like it because they only got 3 mazes done, crowds suck, "you NEED a FOTL pass to get everything done." All there really is to it is: get there on time and run to the back of the park first and don't dilly dally.

    There's only 9 nights of HHN left so I hope everyone continues to have a great time!

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