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    First time Aussie family needs some advice please!

    Hi, we are visiting USA for the very first time next June/July and LA is our first stop. We are thinking of visiting Universal Studios Hollywood on Sunday 23 June, the day after we arrive. As this is coming into the busiest time of the year, I was thinking of paying the extra to do the VIP experience. From other threads I've read, some families say it is really worth the extra. We want to see the maximum amount in only a day and I was hoping some people with more experience of the park at that time of the year, can tell me if I should buy the VIP. Also some suggestions of places to stay for family of 4 (kids will be 15 & 11) that are not too expensive but still clean and nice. Thanks so much!

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    Re: First time Aussie family needs some advice please!

    It depends if you really have the money to shell out for VIP. What's nice about the VIP experience is that you get fed and you have a tour guide for the entire day. Plus you do get the extras of going into a recording studio and some other things you DO NOT get to do on the regular studio tour. There are places like Six Points Texas and European sets that you get out and walk around as well as War of the Worlds set. The Prop where house is amazing. It's three stories with thousands of props. I actually picked up and held a sword that Johnny Depp had for Pirates of the Caribbean. So to me it's worth the extra dollars especially if you've never been and only have one day at the park.

    What location are you looking to book a hotel room? There is the Sheraton right by the park as well as other inexpensive hotels nearby. I'm not too familiar with hotels but I hope I helped some about the VIP experience.

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    Re: First time Aussie family needs some advice please!

    I also was wondering about the VIP experience and if it was worth it or not

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    Re: First time Aussie family needs some advice please!

    I would say the exclusive backlot tour experience is worth the price of VIP alone, but that's me. Those that don't do the VIP don't get a chance to actually get off your tram and walk on the backlot. That is really cool. If you want to be safe, do the VIP. At the same time, if you don't do VIP, I don't think you'd miss out on anything for the trip as a whole.
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