Okay it is the time we predict hhn and there's no better time to do it so here we go

Theme- I really think because of despicable me and potter they're going to bring back the once your inside thing but my prediction for a icon is because of budget cut why not the director. he is a old hhn character but he would work out in the next few months.

Show's: Most likely bill and ted will come back but if they allow it chucky's insult emporium as despicable will open next year and transformers will attract a lot of crowd's universal need's 2 show's to keep crowd's entertained.

Tram: the obvisouly theme is the director and my name is Terror tram: Revenge of the director. and they can reuse the mummy tunnel and they're probaubly reusing the same layout.


walking dead
Alice cooper but diffrent
new mazes
resident evil
(i'm hoping) a original maze based on director
And last mabye just having house of horror's
scarezone's most likely klown's toy's and mabye a resident evil scarezone
i'm hoping for some of these to be real