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    The Price of Progress: Universalís Past, Present and Potential Future

    Hi everyone,

    I just posted an article that talks about the relation of progress and role of older franchises within Universal Studios Hollywood: Inside Universal ¬Ľ Universal Studios Hollywood Guide ¬Ľ The Price of Progress: Universal‚Äôs Past, Present and Potential Future

    Since this is a Disney-centric discussion board, I'd love to hear what you all think about the idea of keeping older franchises at both Disney and Universal, and how both studios cope with keeping things fresh and up-to-date. I've heard some feedback from users about Magic Kingdom and how the park is starting to feel dated, but I'd like to get a different perspective. - Universal Studios Hollywood.

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    Re: The Price of Progress: Universalís Past, Present and Potential Future

    Personally, Universal needs to change the attractions when the film or francise is outdated. Personally, keeping the parks fresh is important. I was sad when they removed Kongfrontation, but the park has give a good replacement to a popular francise. Finally, some attractions look dated, like Twister, and will be removed in the future. King Kong encounter's replacement, King Kong 360 3D is awsome and epic at the same time. I did not think the classic part of the tour would be matched, but happily, I was proven wrong
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    Re: The Price of Progress: Universalís Past, Present and Potential Future

    I say keep the Universal parks, hip/fresh/updated I love all the news things coming, and I love being able to cherish my memories of what was once there.
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