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    USH Backlot fire- 5 years later

    I havnt seen anyone mention it, but June 1st was the 5th anniversary of the devastating backlot fire. I did a blog post at Universal Studios Fire- Before and After - Nothing Dies With Blue Skies with a bunch of photos from after the fire to the finished rebuild.
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    Universal Studios Fire- Before and After - Nothing Dies With Blue Skies

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    Re: USH Backlot fire- 5 years later

    cool link!!!!

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    Re: USH Backlot fire- 5 years later

    I'll go check that out- thanks!
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    Re: USH Backlot fire- 5 years later

    Sad that the old Kong attraction is gone, but got a new, cool one, that's exclusive to USH.

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    Re: USH Backlot fire- 5 years later

    If memory serves correctly, this isn't the first backlot fire in the park's history.

    Matter of fact, there have been many...

    From Wikipedia:

    Backlot fires

    Universal Studios Hollywood's backlot has been damaged by fire 9 times throughout its history.[4] The first was in 1932 when embers from a nearby brush fire were blown towards the backlot causing 4 movie sets to be destroyed and over $100,000 damage.[5] Seventeen years later in 1949 another brush fire caused the complete destruction of one building and damage to two others.[6] In 1957, the New York street film studio set was destroyed by an arson fire causing half a million dollars damage.[7] Ten years later, in 1967, twice as much damage was done when the Little Europe area and part of Spartacus Square was destroyed. It also destroyed the European, Denver and Laramie street sets.[8] In 1987, the remaining portion of Spartacus Square was destroyed along with street sets and other buildings. As with the 1957 fire, this was suspected to be the result of an arsonist.[9] Just three years later another deliberate fire was started in the backlot. The New York Street set, the Ben Hur set and the majority of Courthouse Square was destroyed.[10] In 1997, the seventh fire occurred at the backlot.[4] A portion of the Courthouse Square was again destroyed leaving the Courthouse itself to live another day.[11]
    So the one I was thinking of was in 1987, but apparently wasn't the first one, either.
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