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    Thumbs up USH HHN 2013 review

    Hey everyone here is my review. Each year now for about 5 years running I have been to HHN and opted for the Front of the line pass or VIP. This year I did VIP for the third year in a row. I will have SPOILERS in this so DO NOT READ if you don't wanna know!!!!!! We got to the gate at about 6:30 and got our credentials and then waited in the masses of people. Once the opening ceremony started we went up to watch that. I have to say I really enjoyed the purge overlay for this. The announcement along with the overall opening of the the event really was pulled off right. The only way they could probably enhance this is to really customize the purge opening to fit the HHN. Have the time line up with the time the park is open ETC.

    Our first order of business was to go the Monster's Remix maze which was cool nothing too crazy to write home about. I did like that the Frankenstein and Bride from the show Face Off were in the maze. For those of you who don't know the show it's a show about aspiring makeup artists on syfy the team who won got their creations into the HHN maze. The best part of this maze though was watching my roommates GF get scared coming out of it: D

    After this Maze we hit up the Chucky scarezone which was pretty lame. Chucky was running around trying his hardest to scare people with no effect. Then we headed over to El Cucoy which was alright IMO. I don't really know the back story but the maze had a good creepy feel to it. I found that the number of scare actors in this one seemed a bit low to me. Also a lot of the props were definitely reused from La Lorna and it was a bit too obvious. We hit this one up 4 times over the course of the evening.

    We then headed to the VIP lounge to grab some food and drinks before heading off to our tour at 7:50 the food was really good. I pretty much tried a little of everything but here is some of what I can remember. Sliders, Mac and cheese w/bacon salmon sandwich, Cesar salad, orange chicken, udon noodle thingy, sushi, shrimp salad, and a chocolate covered autobot candy. We also got our two adult beverages and hung out in the balcony out back waiting for our tour to start.

    At 7:50 we were led to our trolley for the VIP tour and were taken to the Jaws lake where we were able to get out and partake in a investigation from the company from insidious. They had just finished investigating a house where they saw nothing and of course when I group approached the house started to go crazy. I have to say the projections they used on the house were pretty awesome and I was a fan of it. After that we packed back up in the trolley and they took us over to Black Sabbath and The walking dead area.

    The scare zone for the Walking dead was really well done. There were so many zombies there messing with people it really was so thought out and executed. The whole area around the walking dead maze had a great feel to it and the Black Sabbath area just felt like it was there in the corner. The Walking dead maze was the one I looked forward to most We went through it the first time and there was just a continuous line of people so it wasn't as fun but i did enjoy looking at all the theming from the third season. The Governors daughter was a very cool looking walker and I really liked the Woodbury section. Again the level of detail on the walkers were really good and the actors that are half dead were really good as well. We got to go on this one 4 times during the course of the night

    The Black Sabbath maze was alright at best. It wasn't scary at all but the music and special effects were very well done. Some of the makeup and paint blended in so well with the environment you couldn't even see someone coming at you. I like the band a lot so being able to listen to the music and go through the maze was fun but not scary to me. We went on this one 4 times over the course of the evening

    After our first run through Black Sabbath and The Walking Dead our tram dropped us off at the terror tram. This was a disappointment as it was the same as last year. It's a good theme but itís already been done and even reminds me of the Chucky one and scream ones. Once we got brought back to the park we hit up Simpsons and the Bill and Teds. Bill and teds to me was the worst one I could remember. We only watched it once. I am not sure what i didn't like about it but I didn't. I laughed a couple of times but other than that nothing else. One thing of note I hate the seats in that theater!!!!!

    After Bill and Ted we went down to the lower lot to try out Insidious and Evil Dead. The escalator always cracks me up on the way down to the lower lot. The Scarecrows were cool but not scarry. When we hit the bottom we went on Evil Dead. I really loved the way this maze looked. The level of detail I thought was great. It wasnít very scary but more fun for me being a huge fan of the original movie and the new one. I think my favorite part was the blond guy reading the book of the dead and the lady with her tongue cut in half really well done effects!!! We did this one 4 times

    After that hit the mummy ride 2 times. Then Jurassic Park once. After that we did Insidious. This was my favorite maze believe it or not. The way they layed out the house very nicely. I really enjoyed the way the Demon or whatever he is called was scaring people. We got our group a couple of times. The effects in the maze added a great creepy feel to it as well. We went on this one 3 times. Itís a long walk to the entrance hence only 3 times for it!!! After that we hit transformers a couple of times. Then headed back out to the Walking Dead and BS areas.

    Overall I loved the event itís so much fun. My calendar every year revolves around it LOL. I love Disneyland but this event really is themed so well. I would give the VIP experience a 10/10

    If I were in charge the improvements I would do or ideas I would love to see are more mazes or things to do. There are simply too many people at the event and the lines are ridiculous. More mazes to me would be a plus and even another show! Also King Kong should be open somehow they had it open in the past. A maze I would like to see would be like a monsterís remix but for newer slashers. Like all of them in a maze (Michael Myers, Freddy, Jason, Saw, Pin Head, etc)

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    Re: USH HHN 2013 review

    Great review. I agree with quite a bit, Bill and Ted's wasn't spectacular. Black Sabbath was very well done with music and visually but not scary. Insidious was for sure the best maze IMO.

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    Re: USH HHN 2013 review

    Nice review. We also did the VIP this year, our first time. I was really surprised by the amount of food, and I agree with everything you said, Insidious was the BEST.
    Jeff Wayne

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