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    How much time needed at parks?

    I'm considering squeezing a trip to USH during a business trip. I will be arriving around 9 in Long Beach, so until I rented a car it would be mid-morning when I reached the park. Then in the afternoon I would need to get away for a couple hours.

    The date is Saturday, April 6. The hours are listed as 9-8. I would probably have to leave between 1:30-5ish.

    Would that give me enough time to get most everything in? Is this answer different if I buy the front of the line pass?

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    Re: How much time needed at parks?

    I'm not sure how busy the park is, but the front of the line pass will save you time if you're worried about it. I can usually cover the park by about 4pm.

    It's a great park, but not one I'd spend multiple days in in a row. And the food is going to be better at CityWalk than inside the park, so you might want to plan a bit of time for that; you'll have to leave the park, get lunch, and come back. Or skip lunch, and plan for a dinner after you leave.
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    Re: How much time needed at parks?

    You probably will be able to accomplish everything without the FOL pass. The only major hitch that *might* affect you would be the potential opening of the new Despicable Me attraction - I've seen persuasive rumors that it will be opening "some time in April", and with Easter on April 20th they may open a week or two early to take advantage of lighter crowds than a holiday weekend. You *MIGHT* be walking into opening weekend of a new attraction, but even that shouldn't affect your day too badly away from that area.
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    Re: How much time needed at parks?

    You'd be basically going the Saturday dead center of spring break. Front of the Line or prepare to wait a minimum of an hour for everything. Also as mentioned above, Despicable Me is opening right around then.
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    Re: How much time needed at parks?

    You might be able to do the whole park without a front-of-the-line pass if you have until 5pm.

    Two of the big attractions will take a big chunk of your time. I think the studio tour is about 45 minutes and the Waterworld show is about 20 minutes. That's without waiting in the queue.

    The drive from Long Beach should be about 45 minutes if you are lucky. If someone sneezes, it could be 90 minutes.

    If you need to leave around 1:30pm, you might be able to do the rest: Transformers, Simpsons, Mummy, Jurrasic, Shrek, and possibly Despicable Me. It queues are pushing 40 minutes, you might only get to do 2 without a front-of-the-line pass.

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