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    Could IOA's Super Hero Island go Sci-fi?

    After overlooking plans for Sci-fi City in USS and well knowing Disney got their greasy rodent hands all over Marvel, could it happen?

    The transition would be economically simple as Super Hero Island already has that sort of architecture. Storm could easily dilute into USS's planned teacups,Accelerator.Spidey could become Transformers.Hulk could be re-themed around deep space travel; its launched lift become a "rocket lift-off" simulation.Doom could face similar alterations.

    So could it happen?

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    Re: Could IOA's Super Hero Island go Sci-fi?

    I suppose it's possible, but they would have to somehow lose the park rights to Marvel for this to happen. I don't see them voluntarily relinquishing their hold on them in the near future. By the time they finally did, stuff like Transformers would be old news (again.)

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    Re: Could IOA's Super Hero Island go Sci-fi?

    "greasy rodent hands?"
    I want my cake back!

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    Re: Could IOA's Super Hero Island go Sci-fi?

    As I understood it, Universal has the rights to use the Marvel characters it's already using in the attractions at IOA for as long as they like. As a matter of fact, they have exclusive rights to Marvel characters on the east coast, if I'm not mistaken.
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    Re: Could IOA's Super Hero Island go Sci-fi?

    Yeah, I believe that the east coast rights to the Marvel characters, at least the characters represented, belong to Universal until they decide to retheme the area.. however, I bet that once they ditch Marvel they'll certainly go for a more Sci-Fi theme, since they could easily retrofit bits and pieces of the current island to fit in with that theme.

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