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    Harry potter construction

    I was looking through an update of the Harry Potter construction and although I love the amount of detail going in there are a couple things that i hope are taken care off because it destroys the feel of the area.

    take for instance this view.

    photos from

    Orlando Theme Parks News: Photo update of Islands of Adventure

    I wonder if they considered adding tall landscape or at least another themed wall to block the view of the coaster. From other angles within the land the dual dragon coaster also seems to stand out terribly. Lets hope they decide to close the attraction and give it a new paint scheme that blends in better with the surrounding color scheme. Another thing that worries me after all the amount of time and money they are adding in detail is that areas like this will be visible form some walkways. the large show building clearly seen holding up the castle.

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    Re: Harry potter construction

    Dragons will be repainted but don't expect it to be completely hidden from view. It never was in the first place. It's too early to comment on the FJ show building's visibility. I don't think anyone knows what they have in mind there.

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    Re: Harry potter construction

    as long as it is painted. I know the coaster s to big to hide but those colors don't look good as a backdrop to the detailed facades

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